My Blog

Why start a blog? A good question which deserves and answer, although the best I could think of is probably “because it is about time”.

I have been a freelance boating writer for more than 10 years now, and have upwards of 300 boating reviews, technology articles, boating tips and tricks, fishing articles and scuba articles published. Because of the nature of magazine publishing these are often transitory, and a few month after the magazine has been printed the article is gone forever.

While some of those articles are probably best consigned to the wastebins of the world, a percentage of them are useful and worth referring back to. Since I have the original content I can easily post these in a way that is interesting and able to be cross-referenced. In addition I can add content that is not necessarily magazine-material, but rather small snippets of useful knowledge that others may benefit from.

So, this still does not answer the “why”. And the reason for that is simple: Traditional magazines are losing their market. The internet is eating their lunch, and the traditional print media has, on the whole, no idea how to respond. So my blog is a response to this, to get the content out there in a new way and show them how to move from static pages to dynamic, hyperlinked content with videos and active media as well as pictures and words

So watch this space….